There was a point of time where everyone was dating people they have met over Tinder app. I am sure there might be people still together who once met over Tinder! Everyone I guess has once gone through the app, if not to find someone, then to simply just go through some cute profiles. As of now, Tinder download has 50 million active users, and if we go by the figures, they are active on the app for a period of 90 minutes on an average.

It all started with finding random people for hook ups online; however, now, it has turned into a more common dating app for people actually finding some love. If you are wondering how it works, let us have a look!

Like any other dating app, it used your GPS location and then with the help of information on Facebook, creates your profile. The information included on your Tinder includes first name, age, pictures (as per our choice) and the recent page likes. After its update, you can also add the education and occupation on your bio. Depending upon what you share in common, your matches are listed!tinder-reviews

In order to avoid random people bugging you, Tinder first finds a match for you depending upon the choices you have filtered, (place and age) and allows you to like them (by swiping right) or pass them (by swiping left). If the swiping is mutual, there you have your match!

That is about how the Tinder app works! May be you want to try it out if you still haven’t!

Now that you know how it all works, let us now have a look at the features for the Tinder app. Or maybe, what is better is let us have a quick analysis of the pros and cons of the app!

How to use Tinder without facebook or Best Hook up apps like tinder

  • Easy to browse: You can browse through the list of potential matches and from there, it is your choice to swipe right or swipe left. Nothing happens with just one persons approval here!
  • Fast growing: With more and more people joining the app, there are more options available before you as well. You get to meet new people (potential dates) and if things don’t go well, you can always connect with them for friendship!
  • Two way proposal: This is also important as a matter of security concern. There might be people who might only be texting you for fun. You can begin messaging only unless both the people have swiped right, if one passes, messages can’t be exchanged!


  • Facebook account is needed: Even though the app assures you about not posting anything on Facebook on your behalf, connecting your online dating app to your Facebook account somehow doesn’t seems to be a good idea. Not everyone might be in its favor!
  • The picture does count: At the end of it all, the swipe does depend upon the picture that you choose for the display. Since there can’t be any communication until and unless you both swipe right, your picture is all the person knows about.
  • Limited swipes: If you have been using the free version of the Tinder app, then you don’t have unlimited swipes. They are limited to a few after which you will have to upgrade to Tinder plus.

Δ∇Download Tinder for PC Δ∇

Tinder APK Download

Generally, you can download the Tinder app from the Google play store itself, but just in case you are unable to open it for some reason or due to any other such issue, the Apk file shall come to your rescue. Instead of getting stuck up with the problem or trying to fix the error (which is actually quite a task) you can simply download the APK file and then proceed from there. However, in case you are wondering how can you have the APK download for Tinder app, here is a stepwise procedure for the same: Install Tinder APK on Android


  • Download the APK file from here.
  • Copy the file to your Smartphone with the help of the USB cord
  • Having copied the file from the computer, unplug the USB and visit the app drawer for your Smartphone
  • Go to file manager
  • Here, locate the APK file which you just copied
  • Having found the file, open it and the installation will begin
  • You will receive a pop up message which will inhibit you from downloading the file. (security reasons)
  • To remove the pop up block, go to the setting and there simply select on allow installation from unknown sources
  • Resume your downloading with a click on the file again and the installation will begin
  • With this, you have successfully managed to download Tinder App on your Smartphone with the help of the APK file!

And that is about it. You can easily download the APK file now!

And that is about the Tinder app. It works pretty straight and has a simple user interface. All in all, the app is fun and well meeting new people is always fun! So you must definitely give the app a try if you haven’t. In case you seem to not be so much into the app, you could as well try Tinder alternatives such as ‘Ok Cupid’, ‘Happn’, ‘Hinge’, Plenty of Fish’, etc. You can always explore your options and then choose the best from them!

Wrap up:

So basically, the Tinder app is a good to go application for all the people who are in search of their someone special or are looking for someone to hang around for a while. The reviews for the app have been quite mixed and just like everything, the Tinder app also has two sides to it; while some have given overwhelming reviews, others have had the worst experience of their lives.

The choice is completely yours! Trying does no harm!

So what are you waiting for? Go to one of the apps, and swipe your choices right then and there!